Yathian Calendar

I updated the Calendar System in FG to Ovelesk’s time frame.

It is 24 hour clock
with a 10 day week

Prima being the first day of the week (Known as a Ten-day)
Followed by Seca, Tertia, Quatra, Penta, Hexa, Septa, and Octa
Nona and Deca are the weekend

Four ten-days make up 9 of the Ten months

Ie Primus the first month has 40 days
as does Secundus, Tertius, Quatrus, Pentus, Hexus, Septus, Octus and Novus

The last month is Decus it is a mere five days (except every fourth year when it is 6 days)
These five days are feast days when shops are closed and festivals and family days are important. Known as Yule.

Spring Begins Tertius 11 – Pentus 22
Summer Begins Pentus 23 – Septus 34
Autumn Begins Septus 35 – Decus 5
Winter Begins Primus 1 – Tertius 10

The Longest Night of the Year is Hexus 6, Also know as the Night of Candles by Warlocks

The Longest Day of the Year is Primus 1

Wild Night is Tertius 13 in Haven and is a celebration of the Furies, Manifestations of man’s basest emotions Lust, Hunger, Fear and Anger

Breadgiving Day. On this day, taking place on the 6th of Hexus (the Winter Solstice), clerics of Pelor distribute food to the poor.

The Feast of Edoira. The Pelorians also join Bahamutans in this interfaith celebration, occurring on Septus 4th.

Midsummer’s Day. This day, also known as the Holy Day of Pelor, takes place on Primus 1, the day of the Summer Solstice.

Once per year, on the fourth of Quatrus, the holiday of Agelong is celebrated. Grel Elves hunt for orcs to slay in memory of Corellon’s battle against the god of the orcs, Gruumsh.

Common term for Midnight. This is the time of day when things of the deep emerge from the Abyss and commit evil.

Literally the Zenith of the Suns trajectory. Roughly noon.

Arcana DC 10
The primary sun is called Aeres after the primordial who is said to have created the sky and its inhabitants. The Torrians are his chosen people.
The secondary sun is called Anu El, it is a little brighter than a star and only barely visible during the day. Most untrained astronomers believe this is the brightest star in the sky. Anu El is named for the wife of Aeres. Lore states that she fashions the souls of the greatest dwarves into gems that she hangs among the shroud of night as stars.

Yathian Calendar

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