A type of rose, a fire-blossom is a Moon-rose awakened by use of its true name. Fire-blossoms give off heat in an area roughly 10 feet from the flower. This heat is the equivalent of a bonfire.


A type of rose known to grow in or around the Werewoods, Omarond Empire and environs. It is so named for its tendency to only bloom at night. Moon-roses are known to cure fevers when properly prepared in tea or crushed in a bowl and used as potpourri.



Mugwort is used as a magical protective herb. Mugwort is used to repel insects, especially moths, from gardens. Mugwort has also been used from ancient times as a remedy against fatigue and to protect travelers against evil spirits and wild animals. Marching soldiers put mugwort in their sandals to protect their feet against fatigue. Mugwort is one of the nine herbs invoked in the pagan charms in the Valley of the Twelve Peaks. Mugwort oil contains thujone, which is toxic in large amounts or under prolonged intake but the herb is safe for smoking cures and as a seasoning for drinks. This last is where it gets its name.


A broad leafy plant found commonly in the dark recesses between trees of hilly or mountainous climes. The plant is known for its ability to numb pain when administered by tea or broth. Stosh gave it to Pus for Illia when she suffered from Anivik‚Äôs Wasting. Kradmel also sent Corrin‘s father Corrememere for some during Corrin’s birth when Brodur was dying.


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