I will tell you what I recall of the Seven and the One, of what I remember of there plans and of the slaying stones you have little one"

Bael Tuarth was a mighty empire. Its master was the outsider or devil known as Tartash. When the people of Bael Tuarth made there pact with Asmodeus he sent his greatest foe to Ea-Reth to ensure the pact was successful in its trickery. Tartash, however, saw an opportunity to seize enough power to return and de-throne his master as Asmodeus did to his master. Tartash, gathered the greatest Seven magic users of the age and seduced, tricked and bribed them to his service. One of each of the great arts finally fell to his will. The Eladrin Sorcerer Gwor Spellsong was the last, he betrayed his allies and a warlock/thief named Lazore finally ended his life.

The Seven were a terrible force to be reckoned with, the Eladrin Sorcerer was their weakest member. The fate of the seven and Tartash is veiled by time and events. It is said that when the Raven Queen arose in power from Nerull’s dis-corporation it was during the fall of Bael Tuarth/Arkhosia that it happened. In those days the gods split Nerull’s power between the Raven Queen and themselves fearing that she would grow as powerful as the god of death. Orcus seized hold of the god’s share and rose as a master of Necromancy and Undeath. Tartash was reviled for this failure by his master, when he reformed on Avernus, the Nine Hells, he was exiled to a distant rock. Not until the rise of Asmodeus daughter did he regain favor.

The Seven refers to the seven different types of magic created by Seelian Coil

Psionics – Power Granted by the Mind – Psions
The Knack – Power Granted by a Pact – Warlocks
The Touch – Power Granted by Study – Wizards
The Talent – Power Granted by Hand – Artificing
The Blade – Power Granted by Skill – Swordmage
The Innate – Power granted by Blood – Sorcerers
The Song – Power granted by Voice – Bards

Each of these forms cross over for example a Verbal component a wizards spell uses the Song. The somatic gestures of a swordmage spell uses the Talent.


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