Savarics Duvalier



Week 36 Quatrus 11 1338 5A part III

There is a heavy thud from the hallway Vyhev disappeared down. An orc walks into the hallway flips three levers up. The floor grinds as pits open across the floor. Sav and Rhyssa vanish with a startled cry.

Grin summons his planar ally and sends it to look for Vy. The planar ally returns with word that the orcs and the oni have fled the tomb with the unconscious bodies of the party’s allies in their clutches. (Vy, Sav and Rhyssa)

Week 38 Quatrus 11 1338 5A part III

Savarics and Rhyssa escape, but their victory is only momentarily satisfying as Sav is killed. The orcs begin to roast him while Rhyssa bleeds out.


Savarics Duvalier is a Githyanki that was born in a small town on the plains named Foon Takel. my father, Zimojic, was sadly taken away from me by the Spell Plague when i turned 5. he was the protector of the town, strong, wise, and taught me as much as he could when i was little. suitors came up to meet my mother, Anacaleto, and try to marry her, but every time she denied.there were one that would not stop bothering my mother and wanted me gone for good. his name was Darrian Wailerson. i was different from the others. i turned 10 and it was time for me to go to school. they didn’t like me for what i could do. i was able to cast spells, but i could not control it. my teacher, Tovi Matus, found my promised skill interesting. he tried asking my mother to get me to learn the skill in either two area’s: the elven forest or the dragon empire. she asked me and i thought for three days. we went to the elven forest. there i had a mentor and a half elf friend that liked my skills. he wasn’t very liked by others either.

6 years later training in the elven forest i had learned a few things. the first day i turned 17 i got news of my mother being ill from a messenger. so i asked my friend, Girar Spinney, if he would come with me to my village and help me on my journey. he did not agree. so i went on without him. as i headed to my village i found myself surrounded by orcs. as i remember my fathers words he always told me to hit the weakest one and run. as i did they looked at me as i sprinted towards me. they ran for me for several minutes and i lost them. as they ran by i noticed i was near somewhere nowhere near the road i was following. i looked for signs of roads and found a rock with a swirl. i looked up and judging from the sun i noticed where the road was thought to be. walking for several ours i noticed a creature, holding a spear, sniffing the air and looking for something. i began walking nearer slowly. he stared at me tightening his spear. i tried saying hello in my other languages, but he did not know them and just growled. as he was about to throw his spear i ducked behind a log on the ground. afterwards several howls were heard. as frightful as i was i stood up again, with my arms crossed. walked towards light, dropped my staff, and kneeled to the ground hoping they would understand i didn’t mean harm. i was dragged towards their camp grounds and found myself talking to a common shifter. he told me they were the Ashthorn Tribe and that they were just hunters. they fed me raw meat but i could not handle that. i lit it and waited for it to cook. i startled some as they watched me cook it in bewilderment, but they understood. after the night left they led me to the nearby road. i said my good-byes and went back towards my town. there i found something i would have never guessed. the suitor, as i know now is Sukiman Reginaldo, has married my mother and is now the new protector of the town. as i went to see my mother, the new protector had other plans. he sent his two goons after me. these two were old enemies from when i was at school. Ade and Athanasuis Evagorus, very brutal young men. i ran for the home as i found out my mother wasn’t really sick but really wanted to see me. as i ran in the door and noticed it, the two came from behind and hit me in the head. next thing i knew i found myself, face first, in the cement of the dragon empire where i find a interesting group of people and follow in behind into a bar.


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