Quarrytown is built on the old quarry that supplied the stone to Frandor’s Keep after its reconstruction was completed in 1322 5A. It is home to the local farmers and herders too poor to own land and transient migrants to poor to afford the rates inside the keep. Most of the population is a sad lot. The local thieves guild, the Ravens, operates from here. The secret organization is currently at odds with the Flaming Fist.

This former rock quarry has been turned to a bustling town, full of scum and villainy. It is a colorful place, and not too dangerous if visitors remember the rules. Unfortunately, the rules are not often easily discerned until after you have broken them.

See Q1 thru Q22

Q01 Thieves Market
Q02 – The Pavilion
Q03 – Shorty the Prophet’s Tent
Q04 04A – Harga’s Emporium
Q05 – Pit Fight Arena
Q06 – Vesina’s Tent
Q07 – Rikar’s Tent
Q08 – Galborn’s Hostel
Q09 – RAven’s Roost
Q10 – Narva’s Ledge
Q11 – Goazaar’s place
Q12 – Den of Delight
Q13 – Larzon Bayz’s Tent
Q14 – The Notch
Q15 – Kylsha’s Place
Q16 – Fekur’s Place
Q17 – The Red House
Q18 – Toe Hold
Q19 – Bavigo’s Place
Q20 – The Bread House Bakery
Q21 21A – The Bark House
Q22 – Harakin’s Place
Q23 – Brack Water


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