Creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man.

Once slaves of the Dragonborn the minotaurs escaped slavery at the same time as the Azer Dwarves, near the decline of the Maru Qet Dragonborn Empire.

Ambeoutin I

Led by Ergas the Brutish several thousand slaves escaped to the Minos, the island sometimes called Taldras. They quickly cleansed the island of its monstrous inhabitants and established a kingdom. Ergas the Brutish took the name of Ambeoutin the First and his was a prosperous rule. He established the Rule of Might among the Minotaurs.

Ambeoutin II

The minotaurs quickly established themselves as masters of the sea. Their mariners collect hefty taxes on all trade between the two continents.

Ambeoutin III

Ambeoutin IV

It was grand times for the empire was strong and no ship that sailed failed to pay the crossing tax to the Minotaur League. Many years past, Chaeras jealousy grew by leaps and bounds as no female would agree to his proposals he became bitter and angry at the world. So it was that in the year of your birth, on the winter solstice, Emperor Ambeoutin the Fourth became ill and weak. Chaeras denounced his father, as is tradition among the Minotaur nobles. He challenged him to single battle in the arena. Ambeoutin refused stating that he would pass the throne on to Verella and her husband, our father. Chaeras refused stating the laws of challenge and conquest. Many months of debate ensued. The nobles were divided; Burtonas demanded the right to fight as champion but to no avail. You were but 3 months old and I a mere 14 when Ambeoutin agreed, at last. He clad himself in bronze armor, nearly too weak to wield his sword and made battle upon Chaeras. Minutes passed by, Chaeras making a great display of his father’s ineptitude. At last the mighty emperor landed a vicious blow to his son’s face, right across the scar left by the acid. This so enraged my uncle that he cleaved the emperor in two with his mighty broadsword. He stood over the dead body and glared at where I sat with father.

That night they came into our home. Scaled men, breathing ice and fire. They killed the servants before we knew what happened. My father came to our room. He ordered my mother to take us into hiding in the west. To me he said, “To you goes the duty to guard your brothers and to care for your mother.” He then picked up his warhammer and went out to meet his foes head on. His fate I have never heard of, but we fled.

We landed in the old lands a few days later. We grew weary and could see the sails following us in the west. Our mother bought a wagon and together we crossed the lands of fire into the only sanctuary she knew. Mother believed the dwarves would help us. It was before their gates that Chareas, now calling himself Ambeoutin the Fifth over took us. The Duergar had laid a trap for us at his behest. Though I was only fourteen and not of age I took father’s words to heart and went to meet them head on despite mother’s cries. It was then that I took this deformity to my form. The battle was over before I could do anything. Mother was dead. Narn and I were taken into slavery. The Duergar were hard masters but they fed us and kept us alive. This month, we were taken to the drow stronghold for sale, as they had no more use for us in their mines. Soon they would be moving north to a new kingdom, one that their “ally” had prepared for them. There we were sold to Gyldra the death hag. She sent Narn to this abomination to work. I have not seen him in many weeks. I have been stacking zombie parts and fetching or delivering orders about the many towns of this realm. Not since our father did slaughter the worshippers of Baphomet, have I seen such evil as I see here.

Ambeoutin V

Ambeoutin VI

Ambeoutin VII

Ambeoutin VIII

Ambeoutin IX

During the Great War Ambeoutin the ninth was emperor of the Minotaur league he had two sons Krasus and Chaerias. Even as a child the younger son, Chaerias knew he was destined to rule the League of Minotaurs. Descended from Ergas the Brutish, Chaerias was a great believer in the Rule of Might. It did not matter to him that his elder brother was destined to rule, due to his more direct line of sucession. His tutors both in the ways of war and intellect saw great promise in the boy. The elder Krasus was not as highly talented. He was markedly slow of body and intellect. Too often Krasus resorted to poison, assassins or other treachery.

On his 18th birthday sick of avoiding the various pitfalls his brother had set for him. Chaerias demanded his brother be tried as a real minotaur in the Arena. Even though he was the elder son, his special status availed him nothing in the eyes of the nobles. Krasus cried and pleaded for his miserable life. Chaerias gave him none. In front of their father the younger son defeated the elder. When it came time for the emperor to pass judgement, he showed mercy on his elder son. Sickened by this sign of weakness Chaerias slew his brother and then challenged there father to single combat for the right to rule. Krasus only son fled the country seeking shelter among the dragonborn, enemies of the empire.

Three months later father and son locked horns in a deadly struggle for control of the empire. In the hot summer son a loud snap resounded across the arena. The son entered the arena as Chaeria but he left that day as Ambeoutin the Tenth. He declared his nephew an out law and an enemy of the state. He knew that Krasus family line was closer to related to goblins than to minotaurs. He ordered the army to immediately set sail and to invade the Dragonborn city-state.

The army was defeated and driven back into the sea. The Legions suffered huge losses but worse the entire population morale and pride was greatly diminished. Most nobles spoke of the failed line how the Ambeoutin blood was going weak. It was at this time that a young officer came to the attention of the house of Ambeoutin.

Ambeoutin X

Turn Ringhorn was a mighty warrior and a great captain. When his legion was surrounded by
a half dozen dragonborn brigades. He ordered his troops to stand strong. They fought a bloody defense, guarding the rear of the retreating minotaur army.

Turn Ringhorn was brought before the Emperor. The Emperor commended his effort and promoted to him to general. It was at this time that Turn first saw Valeria the youngest daughter of Ambeoutin the Tenth.

Turn led the Minotaur Army to 3 decisive victories before the great dark came. Gurn and Nurn were just boys then. Ambeoutin’s advisors declared the eclipse a sign. Envoys were sent and a shaky peace was established. An ambassador was sent from the Dragonborn empire. The very son of Krasus that was considered an enemy of the state. It was a condition of the truce that he be unharmed upon his return. Ambeoutin the Tenth saw this as a grave insult but his hands were tied by the popular opinion of the people.

On the third night of the eclipse the third son of Turn was born on the slopes of Mount Emberstare . During the eclipse the moon shown through the darkness bright red. The clerics and astrologers told Turn before the royal court that his son had an Auspicious Birth.

Ole Taracus pronounced, “One day your son will do a great deed for the empire. He may even rule.”

Krasus’s son looked on with hate in his heart. He had carefully maneuvered himself into this position where the sons of Ambeoutin and his daughter could be removed. He had plans to be ruler of all of Taladas and the Dragonborn Empire as well.

Fearing the look in his rivals eyes, Turn took precautions to ensure that a speedy escape was ready should it be necessary. That night when the dragonborn and Krasus II slaughtered Ambeoutin and came for Turn. He was ready he sent his sons and wife to the captain of the boat he had prepared. They immediately set sail for the dwarven kingdom of Thak Tarkas. Turn slew 20 dragonborn before they finally had him subdued. Turn was tortured and poisoned for three days before he was finally led into the arena. Before all of the empire Krasus slew Turn. Since he had not killed the emperor he used the display to solidify his position as emperor among the nobles.

Ambeoutin XI

Krasus II became emperor and assumed the title of Ambeoutin XI. All mutterings among the nobles where quickly stamped out. Krasus II contacted his father’s ancient allies the Duregar and they quickly located Turn’s wife and sons. At the head of a Duregar army the newly crowned emperor led an attack on his fleeing kinsmen. The mother and youngest son were said to have been slain in the battle. Nurn and the maimed Gurn were to be slain by the Duregar. The young Cadrick decided that it was better to use the might of these creatures as slave labor. For decades they slaved away there whereabouts and existence forgotten. Until a young slaver seeing there usefullness at end decided to turn a profit by selling them to the drow. The drow in turn traded them to the death hag hoping to forestall the legions of undead flooding into their city.

Meanwhile a young Kurn was being found by dwarves, beneath the body of his mother. They called the babe Kordek, or Horned like a Helm in their tongue. They took the babe into their keeping and taught him to wield the hammer, taught him not to fear the cold or heat. Taught him that swords where used by the weak. That the power of a hammer could penetrate armor that a blade never would. Knowing the bloody nature of Minotaurs. At 18 papa dwarf came to his young son. With nay a tear he gave the Elders instruction to the mammoth creature.

“Go out into the world. Do not return to us into you have slain a Dragon by your own hand.”

Later papa sat by the fire and did not move for a 3 days was his grieve and worry so great. After those three days he rose from his chair a sudden thought coming to him. Kordek had always been very litteral minded. “The fool will think I meant he has to do it by himself”.

Papa dwarf grabbed up his pack and slapped his iron cap upon his head. “I have to get to him before he gets to far away.”

When the dwarf reached the gates of Karnin he was shocked to see them closed.

“Wurt is the meaning of this then?” Papa says to the guards.

“Elders orders. There is an army outside with a dark wizard. They have come for it. They must not get it.” The guard replies.

Papa dwarf slides down his legs giving out under his grief. He knows his son is lost. They cannae open the great doors with enemies camped out there. No dwarf’s life, even the minotaurs, was more important than keeping it out of the wrong hands. The tears stream down papa’s face. The two guards turn away pretending to not see the shameful display.

Kordek I

Wheat fields stretch out beneath a mountain of blackest granite. Kristos sits beneath the holy mountain of Rathos, amidst the great wheat fields that feed the empire. The white stone of the city is hauled hundreds of leagues from the quarries by strong minotaur backs. These were free minotaurs in the fullness of time, no slaves to Ambeoutin XI. Many years have passed as the strong ways of the minotaur declined. Once, the law was “Might makes right”. The proud race has dwindled under the rule of Ambeoutin, but no one will challenge him. Those who have tried have died. Ambeoutin’s painful lessons have taught his people that to challenge his might is to challenge the might of the empire and all its slaves. And yet Ambeoutin was humbled by the arrival of Urishtar the dragon. Like most rulers he stood upon his balcony watching the falling stars during the great eclipse a few months ago. When the dragon emerged from the crater in the great wheat field. He went personally out to meet it. He quickly was humbled by its sheer presence. The emperor bowed down and pledge his undying allegiance to the dragon. That is when the trouble started.

The winged dragon kin where the first to arrive. White draconians with wings. Then the horned draconians with their thirst for blood. Urishtar forbade Ambeoutin from taking any actions. The kobolds came next they were quickly ushered in as slave labor. Hundreds of draconians came from all over Ea-reth. They enslaved the minotaurs but left Ambeoutin as a puppet leader.

Farathir came with his troops. Among them was Tory. Urishtar sent out a summons for the bravest among her minions to retrieve the skull of Satrine. Farathir sent Tory figuring it would be an excellent way to rid the empire of the dragon. With out her pull the dragonkin would depart. Tory had his own plan, unfortunately. That was how the Chief Burp came to be involved with Tory. Tory, Burp, Kremos, Farms and Thakos climbed to this temple removed this stone and began their decent into the underdark. A few hours ago Tory burst from this same hole in the floor and did a runner… Where he has gone I do not know.

As the dim light of Deadhold fades to darkness, you make yourselves as comfortable as possible in the make shift shelter of the outer building of the temple. Gurn seems in high spirits, free for the first time in years. He seems anxious to get on to the temple but one look at the battle worn group of rescuers tells him that it will be a long night. He sits with his brother on watch weaving a tale of their youths and what transpired.

Ere the year of your birth, our father Burtonas was a mighty general in the service of Ambeoutin the Fourth, Emperor of the Minotaur League. Burtonas became fast friends with the Emperor’s son, Chaeras. They made war during the dark times defending our shores. During a great battle Chaeras saved Burtonas from an acid spell a foul Tor-Siri mage cast at him. Chaeras face was scarred and disfigured. He spent much time at home under the care of his sister. It was then that Burtonas first met Verella.

Soon Burtonas fell in love with Verella. Verella was the elder daughter of Ambeoutin and heir apparent to the throne. Her younger brother, our father’s friend, grew jealous of their love. Ambeoutin, however, was happy his daughter had chosen well in marriage and promised her hand to our father. I was born the next year after and Narn three years later.

Other Minotaurs of Note

Kodrus Jak and Foostrus


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