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A history of Ea-Reth

Ages of the world using the old Yathian Calendar

Fifth Age

  • 1338 5A Current Year – A force of Arkhosians aided by nobles of the Omarond Empire wrests control of the Duchy of Reyifor from the Empire
  • 1337 5A Week 1 Local Lord Liberation
  • 1322 5A [[Frandor’s Keep]] is completed and the quarry is shutdown migrant workers with no were to go set up residence declaring it Quarrytown
  • 1318 5A Duke Reyifor receives permission to rebuild [[Frandor’s Keep]]
  • 1308 5A Forces arrive at [[Frandor’s Keep]] a trail of orc bodies leads from Has and Vew inexplicably all the orcs have died off
  • 1307 5A Six months later a counter attack is led from Fibiden
  • 1307 5A Northern Orc League invades [[Frandor’s Keep]], Has and Vew
  • 1303 5A Silver is found in the mountains around Hell’s Throat Frandor builds his [[Frandor’s Keep|Keep]]
  • 1299 5A until 1309 5A* Wailing
  • 1289 5A End of Monster Hunters
  • A forgotten hand closes, locks and carries off the “Mansion” with the party trapped inside – escape from the trunk in Pandemonium
  • Baelzra informs the party, after 4 hours of torture, that though Corrin may carve her up soon the same will be done to his family. She claims that Lazore has been dispatched to capture the halfling’s family for leverage to open the Door to the Bastion of Unborn Souls. She Tells Corrin:
    Have you figured out how to open the door yet halfling? Marked twice by the god of death The eyes of those that witnessed his death, carried like treasures upon your body And now his blood runs in your veins
  • Tracks are followed thru the twisting windy tunnels to the door to the Bastion
  • Demonic and Devil forces invade the “Mansion” trying to recover the essence of Nerull. During the torture of the Baelzra, Corrin and Hari absorb the essence of Nerull each taking on different undead appearances momentarily. Simon tells him that his eyes are as he has always seen them.
  • Hari makes a Hell Knight named Narzugon swears an oath to aid them. The hell knight disappears returning to Gulohg after the battle
  • The party learns that the Bride of Hassan is missing and can use her powers to activate the wards of Marik’s tomb to defeat the Djinn. The party frees the bride and the wedding occurs.
  • Hari’s Geas is activated and he recovers and Evil Divine Artifact from the temple of Set/Feydyakahn
  • The Cathezar is slain after revealing that the true reason the Raven Queen wants Lazore dead is due to the true Immortal son she bore. She mentions Lazore is sent off on a secret mission to the Mortal Realm
  • The party learns of the White Palm and journeys to the Oasis to learn of Dydd and the Slaying Stones. They also need to locate the Cathezar
  • The party rescues Corrin and the Cathezar retreats
  • Corrin is kidnapped by the Cathezar and is to be prepped to open the Bastion
  • Smoke sends Morgeth to end the life of the Cathezar at an appointed time
  • The party retrieves Nerull’s essence and slays Melthgar in the Abyss
  • Kevvry Bullheart uses his royal authority to save Hari As life by naming him a knight of the Minotaur Empire
  • A Rhakshasa is involved in Hari As arrest and she claims to be the current mate of Lazore she tries to slay Pasha in a fit of jealousy
  • The Stones are retrieved and Hari As is arrested for the destruction of Woodscrossing
  • Dharma dies and the dame takes over training of the Apprentices. She summons Brahma to join the party
  • Lazore warns the party of an Ambush
  • Pasha rides off into the night after hearing that Lazore is in league with the One and Dharma intended target
  • The stones are passed from Hari At to the Ghost Spider and taken to be hidden in the shadowfell. Hari At is later killed in battle
  • Hari As attains a Geas and the “Mansion”
  • The Apprentices are rescued and Krozren’s aims are thwarted
  • Cardinal Krozren decides to wrest power from the Seven and overthrow Tartash. Shepataph sends one of his servants to gather up the lode stones before they can be used for these purposes.
  • Dar Gar’s servants find several powerful artifacts including a shipment of lodestones. However, the slaying stones never reach there destination.
  • When Quoth’s ritual fails Melthgar retreats into the Abyss and begins siphoning off the life force from the Citizen’s of Wroat, this helps him retrieve the essence of Nerull from Pluton.
  • Viktor achieves some of his aims but is unable to complete his mission when the party stops him from blowing up the tower
  • The Raven Queen finds out about Gulohg’s interference in the world and that one called Lazore is searching for a way into the Bastion. She charges the Dame Austere to seek him out in Haven
  • Gulohg sends Gosamar to the mortal realm to stop Quoth and claim the shard of Io for himself. Gosamar is thwarted by a party led to him by Keidwe
  • A group of adventurers releases and later kills a trapped group of demons, while passing thru his realm one of the demon’s mentions current events in the mortal realms and Gulohg with the help of Soju realizes his danger
  • Frick, a githyanki bard now in the form of music, realizes what her aiding Gulohg has done, she convinces the Prince of Frost to hold a music competition and uncovers the Gnome bard Gnim later she manipulates events to send the Warden Kevvry Bullheart to protect the gnome
  • Lazore and the Dame Austere meet in battle in the Shadowfell. He scars her severely and is mortally wounded. He retreats to the elemental chaos where the Cathezar and Sirrijadt nurse him back to health
  • Ehkahk, a Bard, it is unknown as to what part this member of the seven has been ordered to do
  • Lazore, a Rhakshasa Warlock, is ordered to locate and manipulate a Bael Tuarth Alia Tai into opening the doors once located
  • Shepataph, a rogue coutayl psion, is somehow related to Hari As and Hari At though it is not entirely clear how. This seems to involve a lot of heads
  • Sirrijadt, a Djinn Swordmage, makes a pact with Tartash in exchange for the power to defeat the Efreeti; he will provide the location of the true doors to the bastion of lost souls. He hires a half-devil/half-demon called The Cathezar to accomplish these aims
  • Dar Gar, a sorcerer bound by a succubus to the cause, is charged with retrieving magical apprentices by Cardinal Krozren and recovering artifacts from the fallen empires in hopes of finding the slaying stones
  • Viktor de Main, a talented artificer, is charged with overseeing quoth and destroying the temple of Io after sending its records on to Dar Gar for study
  • Melthgar and his apprentice Quoth, a young necromancer, is sent to bring Kolm under his sway and to locate a portion of the spirit of Io said to occupy the falls after the splitting of Io into Bahamut and Tiamat
  • Seeing an opportunity Tartash marshals the seven to immediate action
  • 1286 5A* Start of Monster Hunters
    Pasha awakens in a temple
  • 1214 5A* Founding of Foon Takel
  • 989 5A* The town of Riddleport is founded during the Great War to stop Tor Siri shipping.
    Tartash begins gathering a new Seven having discovered the flaw in his plan before
    The Great War erupts between the Tor-siri and the Gray Council many peoples and all magic users are drawn into the conflict

Fourth Age

Third Age

  • Nerull’s realm is sealed off, and the Raven Queen establishes Letherna in the Shadowfell
  • The gods grant the Raven Queen, the human mortal, authority over Death
  • The gods grant Orcus, one of the demons, present the power of Undeath
  • The human mortal slays Nerull as a host of Ice devils witness the event
  • A host of demons, devils and gods assaults Nerull’s plane
  • A human mortal defies the power of Nerull
  • Nerull goes mad raising all those who die as Undead
  • Beginning of the Blood War – End of the Second Age to Present – The demons and devils turn on each other sparking a feud that never ends

Second Age

6000 IIA Maru-Qet falls the empire becomes the wastes of Ghenna
1000 IIA Maru-Qet founded

First Age

  • 397 to 4789 IA* First Sundering – End of the First Age
  • 295 IA* Pasha and Lazore meet for the first time
  • 293 IA* Tharizdun establishes the abyss, the first demons are created
  • 292 IA* Asmodeus rises up against his master using the knowledge of the dawn war to slay the god
  • 290 IA* The Djinn are incarcerated in objects for there choice to serve the Primordials
  • 289 IA* Feydyakhan and many Primordials imprisoned after losing the Dawn war
  • 251 IA* First Race, Ancient Ones, appears beneath Eglain
    100 to 300 IA War of the Gods and Umbla Dawn war – Lands are reformed and expanded as gods war

1 IA to 100 IA Birth of the Gods
1 IA Birth of Tima

Before Time

  • Creation of Lands
  • Creation of Umbla ie Primordials
  • Rise of Regla
  • Great Darkness Exist

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