Larissa Hellwhisper Defender Of Tymanther



Larissa is not above betraying her allies. (Short Term)
Larissa seeks personal renown, honor, and fame. (Long Term)
Larissa is just plain crazy and gets in fights easily. (Party)


Almost always accepts offers of intimate persuasions from anyone.
Larissa never strays off her main objective or mission unless its a worthy cause.
Larissa never goes anywhere without a torch & dagger in her boot.


1. Father – Zerris – Tiefling – Zerris is a tavern owner in his family’s homeland of Tymanther. Zerris would do anything to protect his family especially Larissa. Zerris is a former leader of the
local army so he is trained as a fighter & defender.

2. Sisters – Inspira & Araven – Tieflings – Larissa’s sister are trained fighters, their father trained them. The sisters run their father’s tavern when they aren’t out seeking the adventures of the world.

3. Ex-Boyfriend –Valmong – Dragonborn – Valmong is a trained ranger that Larissa meets in her father’s tavern. Enjoyed each other’s company and swear to come to one another’s aide if it is ever needed. Their relationship shows that tieflings & dragonborn can have a relationship together.


1. Rival – Lameth – Kobold – Lameth was a young boy growing up with me. He was caught stealing from Larissa’s family Tavern. Has blamed Larissa for is jail time and punishment so he seeks to hunt down and kill Larissa.
2. Rival – Agnessa – Halfling – Agnessa was Larissa’s best friend in school. They studied, Threw rocks at boys, and told secrets; Agnessa came to find out Larissa slept with a boy she loved and has threatened to tell Larissa’s secrets to all and have Larissa exiled forever.
3. Ex – Lover – Dmitri – Tiefling – Dmitri was a young man Larissa dated shortly after schooling finished. They were all set to get married when Dmitri caught Larissa sleeping with other people including some dragonborns, So Dmitri wants to kill Larissa for breaking his heart and sleeping with what Dmitri considers the enemy to be Dragonborns.


Terror, Jarnyr the Black – A black dragon to which Larissa has sworn allegiance for sparing her life
Draccorrin – The god of death – Larissa has promised to find a way to divide the two entities from their current mutual prison


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