DC 10 Nature:
Kolm is known for its exotic and often lethal plants. It is manly a farming community with a minor swamp. On its southern border lies the Gargle Canal.
The major inhabitants of Kolm are dwarves, humans and a small population of Ogres.

DC 10 History
The Baron of Kolm was a hereditary title from the days of King Marson. In the last 300 hundred years only the closest advisors and nobility have seen the Baron. Four Counts see to the day to day lives of the people of Kolm. Each of these Counts have four sheriffs that over see policing and tax collecting for each of the four shires that compose each county. The Counts and sheriffs are hereditary titles, appointed by the Baron.

DC 10 Streetwise
It is rumored that when the last publicly seen Baron died his sons died with him. At that time, some believe the Barony was taken over by powerful merchants. The merchants are rumored to have formed a ruling council.
Others murmur that a long lived non-human now rules Kolm from secret.

DC 10 Religion
The Goddess Melora is a major influence in this region. Small shrines and churches populate nearly every village. The temple of Melora, in Haven, is the head of the religious order on Ovelesk.

DC 10 Dungeoneering
The city of Haven is the capital of the Barony of Kolm. It is a cornerstone of trade and commerce in the region. It is located on the juncture of two rivers and a decent sized road.

DC10 Arcana
During the Great War, the Barony of Kolm was on the losing end of the war against the Tor Siri. In desperation the Grey Enclave began to raise dead soldiers as zombies and skeletons. It slowed the tide. It is at this time that the Order of the Emerald Claw emerged. The timely arrival allowed the Barony to negotiate terms of their surrender and to maintain their sovereignty as an ally, rather than a conquered nation.

Royal Structure of Kolm

1 Baron known only as “The Baron”
4 Counts Count Whitenhall, Count Medani, Count Glaiveforger and Count Crixus Tiberian

11 Lords and Viscounts of varies authority and positions.

16 Sherrifs -Lady Zelani Medani, Sir Sheriff Alavius Morport, Sherrif Devin Spellsong (not knighted), Sir Sherrif Lance Olafston, Sir Sheriff Ivan Yitch, Colonel Aron Uvtrooth, Sir Sheriff Nicholas Ernwallet, Sir Sheriff Bjorn Loin, Sir Sheriff Dor Beamsmith, Sheriff Lagfin Ingotsmelter, Sheriff Rgik Ironhunter, Lord Sheriff Glaiveforger, Sir Sheriff Rrodk Tunnelcutter, Sir Sheriff Netyeg Swordbreaker, Lord Sheriff Leonus Tiberian, and Captain Iyanni Travish

Count Andreas Whitenhall is a member of the oldest royal family of Kolm and a human. As Viscount of Larga he was known for his savvy business sense and fine taste in clothing and wine. He has recently been appointed as Count replacing the deceased Count of Adakmi and his deceased son. Count Whitenhall was able to purchase silence regarding the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the death of his niece and her father. Sir Thomas Whitenhall, whom was found slain in corn fields on the northern borders. Some suspect that the hero Devin Spellsong gained his position as Sheriff not by birth but by his part in the matter of the Moonsfall Swamp.

Count Trellib Medani is a half-elf who has risen from the son of the Sherrif of Haven to his current position. He is well known for his penchant of finding talent in unlikely places. He rules the county in charge of Haven and its surrounding area. Rumors say he his a personal friend of the Baron. He is not well liked by his peers, but his position affords him control of the Spy network of Kolm, most notably the Inquisitves and Inquisitors. His eldest daughter Zelina heads this group as Sherriff. Lady Medani is shrewd and ruthless in her endeavors.

Count Orleon Glaiveforger is a dwarf of high regard in Kolm. Having served much of his life as Warlord of Kolm. He is well respected and known for his penchant for peace. The previous Goldthumbs have held this position back to the time of King Marson. Having first discovered gold in the are of Wroat they are best remembered for maintaining stability after the fall of the Empire. Recently Count Glaiveforger was forced to build an expanded prison in his main city of Wroat. Rumors persist that he is unhappy about this and has complained fiercely to the Baron about Count Trellib’s growing power.

Count Crixus Tiberian is a young man in the early years of his life. Having just gained the title from his beloved grandfather. He is still in mourning and his mother is regent until he reaches his 15th birthday. His county over sees the Gargle Canal and trade with the rest of Ovelesk. Sir Sheriff Alavius Morport is in charge of the Gargle City Shire and maintains order on the canal ensuring piracy is dealt with swiftly and assuredly.


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