Kodrus Jak and Foostrus

The brothers are descendants of the original Merchant ship eaten by the Sea Dragon. The captain of the vessel’s son made it his life mission to find the final resting place of the vessel that was blown well off course. For nearly 1000 years the family has spent years searching the seas for the whereabouts of the vessel.

Kodrus is in fact the original first mate of the lost vessel. He is also a death knight. In a pledge to Baphomet he become a Death Knight until such time as he could locate the lost treasures of his father the Captain.

Employing a wizard who casts detect object and searching the Great Sea. They have never dared to enter Torvin’s waters to search for the object but when the group leaves for the far shores they cross paths.

The Dragon Slayer fights a pitched battle against the 3 minotaur vessels. The Thorn Driver, Blood Drinker and the Wave Strider

Kodrus Jak and Foostrus

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