Grin Wintercurt?



Long Term: Pay my debt to the Prince of Frost by delivering to him the means to break the seals and open the Crossings to the Feywild again.
Short Term: Find out as much as I can about the sealing of the Crossings… and what it takes to unseal them.
Party: Tyrra‘s brother was researching a fragmented prophecy that held cryptic instructions regarding the unsealing of Fey Crossings. If I can find him, I’m sure we can work out a deal…


Never let a personal challenge or insult go unanswered
When dancing the blades, always lead
Never swear an oath without a loophole
Never drink water when wine is to be had
Never rush a good meal or a good song
Always compliment beauty
Never tell a lie that hasn’t been seasoned with truth


1. Captured by Fomorians, fought in the arena

…of about twelve, we’d been playing in the newer, tertiary tunnels – farther out than we lads should’ve been, yes, yes – none of us saw the trap ‘til we’d sprung it, and nimblesome little Tannikin was the only one who managed to wriggle out before they had us stuffed in satchels and beaten or spelled to silence.

Grin takes another drink of the Scutten, shuddering at the memory, his voice flat as he continues.

I wager the scream I heard a bit later was him, though. We was tossed over shoulders and jounced about willy-nilly for a good long time, then. They talked as they carried us – I’ve never heard elven spoken so foully – and there were other tongues mixed in, that made little sense and gave me belly a turn – but it was quick enough that we realized that we’d been nipped by some slaving Fomor..

…few weren’t so bad, speaking relatively, but then… then SHE acquired me.
Grin shrugs, loose-limbed and pleasantly hazy.
Don’t know how she did it, might’ve just taken a fancy t’ me and killed whichever one t’was that owned me prior. Anyhow, she was… vile. Cruel. She was who taught me about the blood-dance. Taught us, I guess.
He shakes his head, begins to take another sip, then halts, putting the cup down again.
Her favorite fight was t’ set a horde of us striplings… ten, a dozen… against somethin’ awful. We faced a Carrion Crawler, mayhap twenty of us children, armed with crockery shields, slop-bucket helms and her second best table cutlery. Four of us walked away. Winners, she crowned us, in front of hundreds of jeering faces.
He goes silent for some time, eyes dark with memory.
Gunu Gunu Gurra. That was her name. Is her name still, most likely. Too wicked to die. Mebbe if we can open the Ways again….

2. Injured by a trap in Legate Arseanult‘s tomb (same trap severed Old Stringbury’s nephews legs) Grin received 370 stitches to put his guts back in his belly.

3. Meets the tiefling Temple, a member of the Fell Court.


Bellweather(Shifter Druid)

An ancient ‘Shifter Druid, once mighty, but now blind as a bat and soft of mind. It was his sudden arrival and timely assistance that enabled Grin’s family to make good on their escape from the clutches of Fomorian slavers in the depths of the Feydark. “Bells” now spends most of his time in his war-torn but familiar brown bear wildshape.

Merrygold (Halfling Commoner)

A miller’s daughter with a voice as smooth and sultry as a slow twilight. An evening with Merry and her songs is a temptation Grin can seldom resist, and he tries to avail himself of as frequently as possible. Merry’s brothers (all twelve of them – halflings being fertile like that) tolerate Grin, for the most part, though her father is far more dubious.

Zemmy (Halfling Fighter)

Merrygold’s oldest brother Zemmy is the family hero, having earned his reputation (as well as his modest fortune) the bloody way, working the most dangerous caravan trails alongside Grin as a bodyguard and outrider. His oversized, heavily-scarred shield is never far from his side, nor is a laugh ever far from his lips. It is both of these qualities that have endeared him to Grin, just as much as his relation to Merrygold.


The Consortium of Stringbury, Mugg & Gloaming, Purveyors of Distinctive Esoterica

These ne’er-do-wells – enthusiastic bottom-feeders who travel in the same professional circles as Grin – have come out on the losing side one time too many, and have determined that “thet poxy, louse-ridden, badger-buggerin’ gnome ‘as got t’ be done fer, and done fer permanent-like. Ee’S gone have t’ catch a fatal case o’ the deads, oi thinks!”

Ikskaranthes the Gale-Crowned

Merely a fledgling when bested by a young, desperate and lucky troop of adventurers (including Grin, who proved himself nigh unto useless in the battle, which hastened his departure from the Company of Six Swords) who were as surprised to see him as he was to see them, this white dragonling still nurses a fierce grudge. Now recovered from the grievous wounds he suffered at the Company’s hands, the dragon broods and plots the painful, slow demise of those responsible for his humiliation.

Hezzriq Al’Qeth (Dragonborn Knight)

A mountainous blue-scaled dragonborn clad in plate armor as thick as his wit and inflexible as his code of honour, Hezzriq and Grin have disliked each other from the moment they were hired to ensure that the dowager Roselia Greenvale and her several heirloom necklaces arrived at her destination intact, and still in her possession. Several times in the ensuing ten-day the pair nearly came to blows and verbal duels were a matter of course, much to the amusement of the drovers. Grin maintains to this day that Al’Qeth deliberately neglected to sound an alarm at the onset of a bandit attack in hopes that the gnome would be caught unawares and taken or “accidentally” killed, while Hezzriq merely shrugs placidly, insisting “I had no need of assistance to overcome such rabble.”


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