Frandor’s Keep

Frandor’s Keep has been adapted to 4E from a Hackmaster Supplement. Beyond changing everything but the maps and some of the locale’s nothing listed remains as it was. However, anyone DM’ing should check it out it as a great source of how to set up a long time base of operations.

The year will be 1337 in the 5th Age (Our current campaign will wrap up in 1289, so about 48 years later)

Frandor’s Keep is the first line of defense for the north reaches of the Dragonborn Empire of Omarond (Frick’s Empire not the new one near Kolm). It provides a bulwark against raiders and wandering beasts from this area. It is close enough to the dwarven city of East Rift that it is a part of the major trade route. Situated in the lower Wirdamik Mountains, it is located in harsh terrain suited only to gritty rugged frontier dwellers, a perfect site for adventure and those whom seek it out.

[[Frandor’s Kee]]p is ruled by the Grand Duke. He maintains patrols via cavalry and watch towers with the brave dragonborn of the Duke’s regiment. Local laws are enforced by the Magister and a detachment of Flaming Fist mercenaries paid for by the Royal Court.

Residents from all over Ea-Reth come to Frandor’s Keep seeking a new life. Though the primary race living here are Dragonborn nearly all good aligned races are now represented. Dwarves and Minotaurs are common as the long standing alliance, though tenuous, is still in effect.

Silver was discovered in 1303 5A, shortly after the Spell Plague. The silver mines brought a tidal wave of down on their luck cases. The abundance of silver shifted the economy away from the harder to mint gold currency. (More on Currency ) It also drew the attention of the Northern Orc League. A massive invasion was planned and executed. The hordes of orc kin over ran the Keep, Vew and Has in 1307 5A before word could reach any significant force. A counterattack was finally mounted six months later. The dragonborn army that marched to the rescue found a trail of orc bodies leading from Has and Vew straight to Frandor’s Keep. Within the Keep’s broken and blasted walls, a grisly scene of mutilated townsfolk was interspersed with the bodies of the victorious orcs. Inexplicably all the orcs in Has, Vew and Frandor’s Keep died within six months of the invasion.

The Keep lay dormant for nearly ten years until the Royal council was convinced by Grand Duke Reyifor that a repeat occurrence of the orc invasion was still probable. In 1318 5A, he led a team of soldiers and masons to the site to clear the ruins and begin reconstruction. Several raids by goblins and kobolds prompted him to send forth heralds to summon brave souls desiring to rid the countryside of all forms of monsters. A reward of 2 sp was offered per ear turned in. The practice is still in place today.

Frandor’s Keep

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