The Feywild

One of the two parallel planes, the Feywild is a more extreme and magical reflection of the world with some thematic links to the Positive Energy Plane and the Plane of Faerie of earlier editions and settings. Creatures native to or connected with the Feywild generally have the fey origin. According to the 4th edition Manual of the Planes, this plane has some sort of unspecified connection to Arvandor, and is suspected that the Dominion of Corellon can be reached by here. Important locales within the Feywild are known as Fey Demesnes.

Locations within the Feywild

Astrazalian, the City of Starlight Brokenstone Vale Cendriane The Feydark (Underdark of the Feywild) Harrowhame The Isle of Dread Mag Tureah Maze of Fathaghn Mithrendain, the Autumn City The Murkendraw Nachtur, the Goblin Kingdom Senaliesse Shinaelestra, the Fading City Vor Thomil

As a parallel plane to the Prime, the Feywild’s geography is similar, though not entirely identical, to the geography of the Prime. Similarly, just as the geography is reminiscent of Ea Reth’s, so too do its inhabitants and many creatures exist as fey “echoes” of the Prime creatures.

Arcane magic runs more freely and powerfully in the Feywild than it does in the Prime and it is for this reason that so many of its inhabitants are magically gifted. The Feywild is also reputably beautiful compared with either the Shadowfell or the Prime.


Though much of the Feywild is the same as the Prime geologically there are differences, and more importantly, the lands answer to different powers than those on Ea Reth. Much of the elven or eladrin civilizations have their earliest roots here and abandoned remnants of their culture litter the landscape. Unlike the elves, however, who have all but abandoned the Feywild, some eladrin remain behind in the Feywild, most notably the “noble” eladrin. These eladrin still maintain strong kingdoms and citadels, in addition to the newly arrived citadels of Evermeet and Sildëyuir from Ea Reth.


The Feydark is the Underdark of Prime’s echo in the Feywild and like most parts of the Feywild it is more majestic and fantastic than its natural counterpart. Inhabited by the fomorians, a Fey echo of the titans, the Feydark is a cavernous world of maze-like tunnels and portals linking to Ea Reth.

The most powerful of the fomorian realms is Mag Tureah, which stands within a country-sized cavern lit by precious gems and stones. This kingdom is ruled by the fomorian king Bres.


Sildëyuir was once a demiplane created by the eladrin which connected to their ancestral home in the Yuirwood. Driven to the Feywild by conflict with the local humans the elves retreated further and further from the Prime and by the time of the Spell Plague most of the elves lived within Sildëyuir. Since then the Yuirwood has become rife with blue fire, preventing further travel between Sildëyuir and the Yuirwood.

Sildëyuir is located within the same part of the Feywild that the Yuirwood occupies on Ea Reth. There the land is an untamed forest laid beneath a twilight sky, a wilderness broken only briefly by towering glass citadels built by the eladrin.


The Feywild, also known as the plane of Faerie, was created by the Primordials, beings of power comparable with the gods. Finding some things of the Prime too “bright” or too “dark,” the Primordials tore these parts from the Prime, creating the Feywild and the Plane of Shadow (also known as Shadowfell), respectively. For a time the Feywild was located in close proximity with the Prime and the inhabitants of both planes interacted regularly.

Later, possibly due to the Sundering that created Evermeet, the Feywild slipped out and away from the Prime. Contact between the two planes ceased except through intermediaries or powerful arcanists and the plane was largely forgotten. This changed again, however, with the Spell Plague. The destruction wrought by the Raven Queen’s death closed paths to the Feywild, sealing up all Fey Crossings to the plane. Evermeet vanished, slipping into the Feywild, and in reverse new communities of fey creatures appeared throughout parts of Ea Reth.


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