Dwarves can trace their lineage back to the original group of ancients who went North during the sundering of the one race. This same group would splinter into five separate sub-races over the course of the next two ages.

Dwarves Today

There are currently four sub-races acknowledged by the dwarves. The Azer Dwarves or Coal Dwarves, Khazad or Rock Dwarves, Khemblin or Sand Dwarves and the Gullag or Mud Dwarves. The Goblata or goblins, in the common tongue, can trace their lineage back to the dwarf city of Goblata. The traitorous dwarves were driven from the city after they made an alliance with the dragon Grimmag. Over three ages later they would evolve into current day goblins. Though they share very few traits with current day dwarves, some scholars still link the two races, with the resentment of both races.

Sub-races of Dwarves

Azer Dwarves

Khazad Dwarves



Major Dwarf History Points by Age

First Age

Sundering of the first Race, Ref Ancient Ones

Dwarves are found by Yero

Second Age

War with Draegarians

Azer Dwarves are captured and enslaved by Grimmag after betrayal by the Goblata

Survivors of Goblata flee to Aurora-Kai lands after their kin are enslaved

In the main dwarven stronghold of Karnin dissension breaks out between the clans

Sand Dwarves want to attack the great wyrm and free their kin

Rock Dwarves are bent on destroying the Goblata

Hateful words are spoken on both sides

Sand dwarves depart establishing a home in the sand stone hills of Nom Milpon

Azer Dwarves are not freed

Rock Dwarves begin the First Goblin Wars

Third Age

Sand dwarves after many years begin a war with the wyrms

Azer dwarves are freed. There beards and hair have become flame and their eyes are solid black with little flames for pupils

Azer are hard workers and the lower caste of the sand dwarves soon find themselves being out of work

Lower caste become known as Gullag or Mud Dwarves

Unable to reach the Sand dwarves strongholds the Wyrms and their legions attack the Rock Dwarves

Sand, Rock and Coal answer the call and the Great Dragon War is fought

Many dwarves die all of the land based great worms are destroyed, as are many of their winged cousins

Mud dwarves move into the Gnotarc plain, they shun the war and are considered outcast from dwarf society

Yero, Lord of Stone and Order, shifts the towers, slowing the evolution of the first races, and lessens the impact of the Towers in the world

Fourth Age

Mud dwarves besieged by Orcs and Goblins flee to the Sand dwarf strongholds they are turned away from all but one

Aided by Drakonian and Draegarian forces the long siege begins

During the war an alliance of Elves and Dwarves is forged, the siege is broken after 300 long and bloody years

Mud dwarves are given a city in the Stone lands of Thak Tarkas and the four sub-races begin to dwell in all of the major dwarven cities

This is manly due to Khemblin Bun I, a Sand Dwarf Thane’s marriage to the daughter of the High Thane of the Khazad

He brings about an era of strength and unity among the dwarves

Fifth Age

Many dwarf cities are sacked by the unholy alliance brought about by the Amon Ka, Tor-Siri and an agent of the demon Knights, ref: Great Enemy

Khem Tzarum, a Lord Captain descendant of Khemblin Bun I, joins a band of motley adventures in a mission to stop the dark alliance of the enemies


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