Harvester of Souls, Ruler of the Dead, Bringer of the Grave, King of Undead, Lord of Pluton, Destroyer of the Stones, Feaster of Blood, Scion of Scorn, Defeater of Usurpers, Consumer of Nerull, God Draccorrin



Steep stairs descend down into the massive structure. The stairs pass thru a double set of stone doors into a throne room. A large dais sits in the center of the room. Upon the granite dais rests an ivory throne carved from the bones of some large animal. A single figure sits upon the throne. The tusked figure idly picks as its long canine teeth with a long black finger nail. The gray skinned giant devil has alternating eyes of blue, red and purple depending on which entity is currently in control.


Identity 1 – Corrin

  • Ensure that the lode stones never again arise
  • Keep the Draco entity inline and prevent him from feasting on the mortals of the world
  • Make up for his failings to the Alia Tai by creating a strong clerical order
  • Escape the confines of the body he awoke in

Identity 2 – Draco

  • Open the world like the jugular vein of a human
  • Populate the world with more undead
  • Rule over the rotting corpses of a dead world
  • Get away from the never ending chatter of the halfling

Merged Identity

  • Escape from each other
  • Create an order of Halfling clerics to rule the world


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