Count Benwick


Count Benwick is a portly Dragonborn with brass scales, he wears a gold necklace about his neck. A stylized lynx is wrought in silver over an emerald the size of a halfling’s fist. The necklace identifies him as the Keep Magister, administrator and legal adviser. Benwick typically holds a glass of wine in his hand.


Long term – Gain rank and influence among the gentry
Short Term – Get the Duke back to Depidu where he belongs and out of his hair
Party – Use the party to rid him of Rikar and keep the passes clear


Always drinks wine if it is on hand
Never breaks his word
Always loses his temper when his nobility is insulted



Count Benwick is from a long line of nobles. He has maintained his position as Count thru guile, cunning and a head for the law. As Magister he over sees legal matters at the Keep and over the entire Duchy. He works closely with the Church of Bahamut.

Week 1

  • Benwick hires the party to free Gordy the Spy whom he suspects is being held by the Ravens
  • Benwick explains that Duke Reyifor is more concerned about bounties on goblin heads than the caravan raiding problem originating right here in the keep
  • He sent Gordy a draegarian in undercover to try and uncover proof of the wrong doing
  • Gordy is now being held ransom and he can’t afford to pay it
  • Only Larissa showed up to the meeting but he gave her a Writ of Charter to act as his agents with the intent to secure the crowns interests outside the Keep’s walls

Count Benwick

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