Belder Bedrock, Knight of Honor!



  • Long Term – To become General Knight – The highest ranking Knight in the Kingdom (Omarond Empire)
  • Short Term – desires to prove he is a great Dragonborn Knight although being a mixed race.
  • Inter Party – To protect and defend lesser armored allies and to search and engage the enemy’s toughest opponent.


  • Always uses quick judgment and swift action.
  • Never allows injustice or dishonor. Death above Dishonor.
  • Desires a peaceful and honorable Dragonborn Empire.
  • Eat and drink whenever possible.



Baron Seamus of Fibiden – Clan Noble
Baroness of Fibiden – Clan Noble
Seiler son of the Baron of Fibiden – Friend who helped pledge him into Knighthood
Klagmere – Mentor in the school of the Knights
Sugg Swordmaster – Fellow Knight
Sicily Moosejaw – Fellow Knight
Crumbere Tillbott – Fellow Knight
Ms. Putty Longstockings – Saved her when she fell into a frozen lake through cracked ice. They became friends although she is 40 years older. She makes the best lemonade.
Perbottom Shootpants – Clan legal practitioner who fights for Dragerian’s civil rights.


Baron Ronnick of Sabden – Noble from Rival Clan – Questions this moneylenders business practices.
Ugmere – Rival Knight – Dragonborn who makes fun of Draegarian’s
Biggaass – Orc money launderer and gambler who is known to be unruly and cheated Belder out of money.
Scrimtooth – Dragonborn guard who cheated on his wife and discussed it during a patrol. Belder and he fought viciously over this issue as being a matter of injustice.


Secotias -Dragonborn who framed Belder when he was younger. Belder received 2 weeks in the stocks for something he didn’t do. Secotias pleaded to block Belder from becoming a Knight.
Elegantor – Green Dragon who attacked Belder and his party after deceiving their scouts. He killed 24 of Belder’s fellows guards.


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