Baronette Seiler of Fibiden

Gold skinned dragonborn of above average size. Wears chain-mail with a long heavy red shield. Wears the red cape of the Baron of Fibiden.

First born son of the Baron of Fibiden. Mother is a noble and Father is the Great Baron of Fibiden. Extremely driven – winning many awards and honors during childhood – most honorable was the Jr. Military award at the age of 9. Most memorable – was the King Kordek pie eating contest win when he was 14. Was first in class in school, in martial training 7 times. Conducted the rescue of a young girl at the age of 7. Directed 15 teenagers to put out a local fire at the age of 11. Extremely passionate about caring for others and leading allies to do their best. Cost of leadership has lost him some friends who don’t care for his gregarious and passionate demeanor. Respects past kings and nobles especially Kordek. Aspires to prove that King Kordek was wrong about swords.

Knows Count Benwick and Baron Ronnick. Thinks lowly of Baron Ronnick the money lender. Respects the courage of Count Benwick but hates the fact that he always gets wasted on the weekends. Was honored to meet the Grand Duke at his wedding many years ago. However the Grand Duke did not recognize him at first which drives Seiler to set himself apart to be recognized by the Grand Duke at all times.

Has two younger sisters Cremer and Beemer. He cherishes them deeply but is too busy with his dad to notice them on many days. He badly beat a half orc, Crusher, who hit on Beemer at a local tavern.

He is dead-set on reaching Knighthood at a younger age than anyone in history. Has been forced to dabble in politics where, Last year he won argued two court tax rulings in favor of the local marketing manager. However his next session didn’t go so well when he grabbed his chair and threw it against the wall after another Baron lied.


Short Term – To be recognized by the Duke due to his actions and accomplishments.
Long Term – To Achieve Knighthood at an age younger than anyone in the history of the empire.
Inter Party – To lead allies to achieve their best despite his gregarious and passionate demeanor.

(Really long term goal to prove King Kordek was wrong about swords)


Seiler always strives to do his best in matters of competition.
Seiler never allows a matter of dishonor to be settled without justice being served. (Especially matters of family or honesty)
Seiler never places anything before the love his father. (Even his sisters)

Baronette Seiler of Fibiden

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