Astral Sea

he Astral Sea

The Astral Sea corresponds to the Astral Plane of earlier editions. The Astral Dominions, counterparts to the Outer Planes of earlier editions, are planes which float within the Astral Sea. The majority of the gods dwell in Astral Dominions. The Astral Sea itself is spacially infinite, but the Astral Dominions are all finite. Creatures native to or connected with the Astral Sea generally have the immortal origin. The plane is described in The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea, released in 2010.

Astral Dominions in the Points of Light setting

  • Arvandor, the Verdant Isles: A realm of nature, beauty and magic similar to the Feywild. Home to Corellon and (sometimes) Sehanine.
  • Celestia, the Radiant Throne: A great mountain that drifts in a world of silver mists. Home to Bahamut, Moradin and, sometimes, Kord.
  • Chernoggar, the Iron Fortress: The rust-pitted iron castle, where mighty warriors fight and die endlessly. Home to Bane and Gruumsh.
  • Hestavar, the Bright City: As the name suggests, this dominion is a luminous metropolis, used by planar merchants. Home to Erathis, Ioun and Pelor.
  • Kalandurren, the Darkened Pillars: A dominion that plays host to demons. It belonged to the god Amoth before he was killed by the demon lords Orcus and Demogorgon.
  • The Nine Hells: A place of sin and tyranny, a world of continent-sized caverns. Home to Asmodeus.
  • Pandemonium: The former dominion of Tharizdun. The tower of the lich god Vecna is said to be hidden within it.
  • Shom, the White Desert: The former dominion of the mysterious God of the Word. Astral giants loyal to the goddess Erathis fight for control of it.
  • Tytherion, the Endless Night: A dark wilderness where serpents and dragons lurk. Home to Zehir and Tiamat.

Astral Sea

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