Ancient Ones

In the first age there was one race known as the Ancients.
Many races claim to be the first race. In fact all races are part of this first race, only the most learned scholars know this.

The Ancients lived in peace and tranquility in the land known as Edras. A beautiful peaceful forest thrived here beneath the silver spire of the Tower Of Balance, Eglain. The first race sunned and swam in the first sea. All there wants and needs were granted and fulfilled. The land was a Eutopia. The first children came into the world and they were shinning beacons of light and joy. The Ancients aged slowly. Many years of joy passed.

The first children now reaching adult hood began to long for new sights and new ways. Before long groups of explorers set off in each of the cardinal directions to see what was to be seen.

The Northern group found a cold harsh climate full of stone and high peaks. Under the highest peak a powerful being resided. Yero was his name, but his followers would come to call him Moradin. He provided a home for them away from the cold in the depths of the earth. There he taught them metal work and mining. Over time they grew shorter and stockier from the labor and the harsh weather. Karnin, Tower of Order, worked into the spirit of this group. They became creatures of tradition. The supernal word for them was Dwarv, he who dwells inside the world.

Ancient Ones

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