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  • Borderland Road

    The road that runs along the northern most edge of the [[Omarond Empire]]. It terminates at [[Frandor's Keep]] in the west and runs into the [[Plaguelands]] in the east.

  • Omarond Empire

    The Annals of time are full of the history of the [[Dragonborn]]. The current iteration is greatly changed since [[Frick]] became Empress in 1102 5A. Prior to her control the Dragonborn Empire of [[Omarond]] was a blood thirsty lot. they believed that …

  • Stygia

    Stygia is a city-state to the north of the [[Plaguelands]] that once lay beyond a [[Shadowfall]]. Since, the [[Spell Plague]] it is now in the mortal realm. The Stygians believe that the undead are a form of immortality. The nobility are Vampires and …

  • Deathgate Falls

    h2. Description Deathgate Falls is the name of a valley directly south of the city of [[Has]]. It is named for the waterfall that tumbles down Gray Mountain to the valley floor. h2. History * Deathgate Falls was once a stronghold of the [[ …

  • Shelf

    h2. Description The Shelf is a strip of fertile land that is unusually flat given the rocky terrain surrounding it. The land is crowded with small communal plots, marked off with wooden stakes and piled stones. Above the shelf ramshackle shacks are …

  • Quarrytown

    h2. Description Quarrytown is built on the old quarry that supplied the stone to [[Frandor’s Keep]] after its reconstruction was completed in 1322 5A. It is home to the local farmers and herders too poor to own land and transient migrants to poor to …

  • M12 - Broken Hilt Tavern

    A sign hangs outside this odd shaped two-story building. A simple broken sword is painted on both sides of the sign. * Rough Place * Hangout for off duty soldiers * Cheap, food and drink are poor * 6 of 8 rooms used for prostitution * Small …

  • Frandor’s Keep

    Frandor’s Keep has been adapted to 4E from a Hackmaster Supplement. Beyond changing everything but the maps and some of the locale’s nothing listed remains as it was. However, anyone DM’ing should check it out it as a great source of how to set up a long …

  • Wirdamik Mountains

    Dwarven Translation: Old Snow Shadows Range of mountains separating eastern [[Thak Tarkas]] from the [[Great Wastes]]. Runs from northeast to south west. Contains [[Karnin]] as one of its peaks The mountains form the western fence of the [[Omarond …

  • Thak Tarkas

    Dwarven Translation: Stone Wardens It is mostly comprised of the [[Gnotarc]] plains and several Mountain Ranges. It is bordered on the northeast by the [[Wirdamik Mountains]], to the South by the [[Mardurmik Mountains]], to the west by the [[Milkon …

  • Molmosarc

    Dwarven Translation: Young Stone Hall Named by [[Khem]] when he established his kingdom near [[Torvin]] after the [[Great War]]. This Mountain Range divides the continent of [[Ovelesk]] in twain. [[Torvin]] is located near its North peaks. The range …

  • Nommil Pon

    Translation: Dark Horn Foot Range of hills separating western [[Thak Tarkas]] from Middle Thak Tarkas. Home of the "hill" [[dwarves]]

  • Milkon Mountains

    Translation: Dark Mouth Range of mountains seperating western [[Thak Tarkas]] from Middle Thak Tarkas. Located North of the [[Nommil Pon]] Hills. Home of the "coal" [[dwarves]].

  • Gnotarc

    Dwarven Translation: Without Mountains Plain bordered by three of [[Thak Tarkas]]'s mountain ranges and the [[Sumir]] river. Located in the middle of [[Thak Tarkas]]

  • Sumir

    Translation: Sea River Branch of the [[Pon Mir]] that leaves the [[Milkon Mountains]] and travels south instead of west to the border where it joins the [[Darmir]] and together they become the [[Bremir]].

  • Pon Mir

    Translation: Horn River River originating in the [[Milkon Mountains]] and traveling south to the [[Nommil Pon]] then west to The [[Great Sea]].

  • Kartal

    Dwarven Translation: South Rock Second tallest mountain peak in the world. Stands across the [[Valley of Shadow]] from [[Karnin]].

  • Valley of Shadow

    Name given to the valley between [[Karnin]] and [[Kartal]]. It is a sanctuary for exiled [[Vampyre]]. Because of the height of the two peaks, the valley rarely receives sunlight hence the name.

  • Omarond

    Between two mountain ranges lies the [[Omarond Empire]] Aka [[Ignan]] Translation: Fell Fire of War Formed by the great god Also Known as [[Ignan]]. Homeland of the [[Dragonborn]] and [[dragons]]. Land south of [[Stygia]], east of [[Thak …

  • Foon Takel

    A small town located north of the [[Werewoods]]. It was settled in 1214 5A by dissedents of the [[Githyanki]] that settled in the [[Dragonborn]] [[Omarond Empire]]. Unwilling to abide by the laws put in place by Empress [[Frick]] the dissidents moved into …

  • Hell's Throat

    Is the name of the pass thru [[Krond Heights]] located in the Northwest corner of the [[Omarond Empire]], favored by raiding [[Orcs]] it is guarded by [[Frandor’s Keep]] and its watch towers. Trappers tend to go missing due to the high number of …