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    h1. A history of Ea-Reth Ages of the world using the old [[Yathian Calendar]] h3. Fifth Age * 1338 5A Current Year - A force of Arkhosians aided by nobles of the [[Omarond Empire]] wrests control of the [[Duchy of Reyifor]] from the Empire * 1337 …

  • Yathian Calendar

    I updated the Calendar System in FG to Ovelesk's time frame. It is 24 hour clock with a 10 day week Prima being the first day of the week (Known as a Ten-day) Followed by Seca, Tertia, Quatra, Penta, Hexa, Septa, and Octa Nona and Deca are the …

  • Deepwatch

    Common term for Midnight. This is the time of day when things of the deep emerge from the Abyss and commit evil. See Also [[Yathian Calendar]]