Week 1 Local Lord Liberation

Week 1 – Octus 21 to 30 1337 Fifth Age


You arrive at the Keep alone having braved the wilds. The gate guards pass your name along to their betters, identifying you as foolish or fearless.

Either way the notice garners you a free meal at a minor nobles table. It seems Count Benwick of Clan Dzur has need of the foolish and fearless. He proposes you help him deal with a nearby rival, Baron Ronnick of House Lyorn. Benwick’s spy has been taken hostage and the ransom is more then he is looking to pay.

He offers no monetary gains but his influence in the lower bailey and Quarry Town is well known. Especially, his favor with the Clerics of Bahamut and their healing magics. He tells you to ask about and verify his reputation if you feel it is necessary. He also hints that Baron Ronnick’s men are known to be well funded, and no one important would miss their possessions.

Ridding the world of one noble’s flock would secure you a patron and a Writ of Charter, and if the noble tries to back out of the deal there is always blackmail.

Summary of Events
  • The party is off to an odd start when Crazelle and Pus show their table manners to the Count, Stosh and Balan Kasar; Vyhev and Larissa save the day with some quick talking
  • Pus leads the party onto the Shelf and uses his house casing skills to locate the Shack where Gordy, the draegarian spy is being held
  • Crazelle manages to talk the kobolds into surrendering after half their numbers are dead, she further honors the Chief of the Hubbubs by giving him more shinies then the others to escort them to the keep
  • Stosh, the friar, and Vyhev build a litter and care for the badly beaten and sickly Gordy
  • With time running out for Gordy, the party bands together and manages to keep their tempers when bored gate guards abuse their small authority
  • PsZusk and Crazelle escort the kobolds out of the valley ensuring their safety (Gian had PC problems and Art needed to leave early)
  • Left alone Larissa, Vyhev and Pus speak with a minotaur named Raslon Meirodin being subjected to the pillory, thru some careful discussion they reason he is being falsely accused
  • Vyhev decides to deal with the temple directly and attempts to negotiate with a Tower Captain for a pass into the upper keep
  • Pus has other plans though and rescues the prisoner sneaking him into the Broken Hilt Tavern and his room
  • Larissa looking lovely stands in the rain and unwittingly helps Pus in his task, she receives an Adventure Company Charter, signed by the Magister and awaiting a company name and party members.

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