Week 4 - Missing Warlord

Week 4 – Novus 20 1337 5A

Hook Voted For

PusPus is approached one night and a cloaked figure states, That Rikar keeps some foul beast chained up in the woods, and has it trained to attack anyone snooping out there for the hidden Ravens’ treasure.

  • Gnolls plan to ambush the Ravens
  • Fester mistaken for Raven Shield, Kobold Chief of the Hubbubs
  • Scarred Purple dragonborm arms in the shape of Ravens
  • Mysterious caves with dead Ravens wearing gauntlets of ogre power
  • Empty Dire Bear cages
  • Barricaded mine shafts
  • Slippery stones and moderate acrobatics checks, the party on their butts in the water
  • A dying Aberrant creature from the far realms that wielded psychic power
  • Mite Oozes that live in Urns
  • A naked Puss helping Larissa to remove her armor
  • Damaged armor and ooze swallowing swords
  • A tiefling with a bad memory
  • An Orc on a lucky streak
  • A note demanding the silver be delivered to Ronnick, and the dire bear released
Week 3 First Gathering of the Knight's Order

Week 3 – Novus 9 to 13 1337 5A

After a weeks sojourn to heal and recuperate, you gather at one of the three inns (you guys tell me which the Broken Hilt, Three Leaves to the Wind, or the Prancing Pegasus) to share rumors and possible job opportunities the Knight’s Order members have come across during the ten-day. (Larissa choses the Three Leaves to the Wind)

Puss – A whispered conversation in an alley has uncovered the following – There’s a snot-nosed kid workin’ for Rikar, lurin’ poor souls into his clutches in the woods and looking’ all innocent later. Keeps offering 10 sp for any of the Ravens caught in the act red handed.

Crazelle – runs into a pair of Teckla Kobolds running errands – At dusk, you can hear the ghost of a jilted lover who leapt over the falls, ‘cause that’s the time the poor chap ended it all. You feel a chill and the hair on your neck start to bristle? It’s his spirit searching the living for his lost love.

Vyhev – crosses paths with a Merchant in a tavern – I heard the scum out at the landing killed a traveling cleric. They say he resisted a robber and the thief went and slashed his throat right in front of the guards.

Zusk – dips into the mind of a passing trapper – Eh – Hell’s Throat isn’t as dangerous as people say. I’ve trapped and hunted up there many times. It’s just stories spread by the Duke to keep folk from prospectin’ for silver up there. Heck them Ravens are holed up in one of dem silver mines right now, if their be any truth to the tales

Larissa’s Rumor – Stosh meets Larissa for a drink and conveys the following – Larkka, that Tiefling slave girl, I heard she’s in love with that Larzon Bayz, a draegarian fella. She’s gonna get him to buy her away from the Den of Delights. Unfortunately, that old dragonborn, ya know her master, heard that too. He gave her a beatin’ within an inch of her life. She can barely walk today.

Seiler – Met with a potential client – “I have a dozen or so Regents that I might part with if his life were suitably disrupted. More importantly the whore that he ran off, if she were to have a bad day, it might double the reward.” – Seems the ladies husband ran off to Vew with Elva from Quarrytown.

Un-concluded Business #1 Kesk the dragonborn lieutenant of the Ravens is still out somewhere with a vendetta for you wrecking the Ravens bribery attempt. Locating and arresting him could be worth the 10 sp per head due to his involvement with the Gordy Kidnapping

Unconcluded Business #2 From the Keep Board – Who wrote the note that reads I am Grond and I seek sex with sweaty, hairy dwarves. Ask for me at the Broken Hilt in flowing script. Who is Grond anyway and why would anyone want to besmirch his honor in such a fashion.

Feel free to discuss the options amongst yourselves or do some more poking about the keep. The vote will close on Wednesday and the most votes will be the adventure I prepare to run on Saturday

Stosh Forton plops down upon the bench, he says a quick prayer. He sips at his ale and cuts a slice of bread, So you added me to your charter, thank ye. I am not positive my duties will allow me to travel with you lot but if you need my advice or healing arts, I won’t let you down. Before we begin, the dragonborn scribe and interpreter, Lakar Vitisar, is looking to travel his rates are reasonable if we need his services. Alrighty, so what kind of trouble are we looking to get into this week?

Seiler, "I like Seiler’s and Vy’s. Don’t like thieves killing people for no reason. "

Stosh Forton, leans back in his chair at your words. I must admit I brought the information to Larissa hoping you would do something about the situation in Quarrytown. The Den of Delights is not the type of place Erathis intended when she guided us to found towns. I understand your desire to earn some pay, life in the keep is expensive. My own desires are to aid the poor unfortunates in Quarrytown. I give money and grain to the baker, Bavigo, to keep them fed. Many have no money to leave the area, some are exiles from the keep, and others have just fallen on hard times. Perhaps Larzon Bayz would be willing to offer a reward for his beloved, I know little of the Draegarian. Only that he came to the keep hunting a hill-giant some months ago and has not yet fulfilled his quest.

Vyhev snorts angrily “So much injustice and oppression, so little time. I will have to look into these rumors of the guards, but first, I must see about this poor girl oppressed by her masters and beaten unjustly…”

Seiler, “Yes, lets help the girl.”

Party votes to follow up with Larissa’s Rumor

Recap Summary

  • The party heard from Seiler about his new “friends” latest dilemma Anari’s arms robbery was investigated leading to more questions then answers
  • Crazelle discovered the party was carrying magic items gathered from various quests
  • Kesk tried to end the life of the party, but his forces seemed un-equal to the task
  • Kesk claimed to having spread the rumor about the Den of Delights to draw the party to Quarrytown (Was Stosh involved or just a dupe in the process?)
  • Larissa and Seiler made the others go splat by doing something cool,er and est
  • Kesk fell into the brack water his body joining many of his past victims, after discovering that Vyhev does not like to be called lizard for some odd reason
  • Larzon Bayz, the draegarian bought the party a drink for finishing off Kesk
  • Once in the Den, the party quickly found themselves enveloped in drama
  • A githyanki mage drowned his sorrows in drink, and Pus made the rounds increasing his personal wealth
  • Meanwhile, Grond the mercenary was unhappy with the service he was receiving from Larkka, Fela the old-lady owner moved up to cane Larkka and Larissa felt compelled to intervene
  • A panicked warlock summoned two fire elementals and while the bar burned down around them the bar fight began in earnest
  • Crazelle worked diligently to free the horde of whores from their chained bed sides
  • Larissa and Seiler nearly reached Dracorrin’s realm as the Raven Bruiser (A half-dragonborn, half-lizardman) pummeled them to the floor
  • Savarics came to Seiler’s aid saving his life with a well placed heal check
  • Meanwhile, Crazelle used her new found horde to deliver a healing potion (500 sp cost) to Larissa.
  • Zul escaped thru a trap door and was followed by Pus
  • While Fela’s husband swore revenge (I am going to tell Rikar (pout)) before ducking underneath the edge of the tent and fleeing
  • The party mopped up the bad guys due to well placed spells by both magic users
  • The others fled, with crazelle emerging under harshly barked commands from Seiler and a helping hand from Larissa only slightly the worse for wear
  • The place collapsed sealing Pus in the subterranean lair to make his way out on his own
Week 2 Oh Where Did I Go Wrong?

Week 2 – Octus 31 to 34 1337 5A


Hook 1a – Troubled Thief’s Tempest

Does the party decide to help Pus sneak the injured minotaur out of the highly guarded keep and into safety somewhere? Once he is safe. Pus leads an expedition down the Old Has Road to discover if the Centaur body really exists and clear Raslon’s name. Trouble is the old witch Valdarshink lives nearby. What about Kesk and Rikar, and the other Ravens? The dragonborn thieves guild is sure to have discovered the bodies of the kobolds and will soon hear rumors that the PCs are responsible will retribution be swift or do the Ravens adhere to that old klingon/russian proverb that revenge is a dish best served cold?

Hook 1b – Plate-maled Paladin’s Past-time

Does the party decide to help Vyhev find the missing minotaur prisoner and return him to the keep authorities? Once the honorable thing has been done, will the PCs choose to convince the Magister and the Temple of Bahamut Priests to care for the minotaur until they can find prove of his innocence of guilt. The same troubles await the PCs down this path in proving the bodies existence and dealing with the wicked witch down south.

Pus glances out the window using the drapes to disguise his peeking. Seargants lead their troops into businesses and homes searching for the missing minotaur. Archers rove the battlements, keeping a keen on eye on those moving about. The front portcullis is down and both drawbridges raised. The upper keep is sealed off as always, but strangely someone has lowered the portcullis between the middle and lower baileys. During Pus’s entire time at the keep he has never seen it this locked down.

Vyhev stands before the bartender, the sound of heavy boots passing outside. The shadows of dozens of guardsmen falls into the tavern. Vyhev momentarily wonders why only she was sent to the Broken Hilt, but she quickly reaches a conclusion remembering the number of guards that were here last night enjoying drink and keeping the company of the “staff”. She notices Larissa sitting with Stosh at a table nearby having a drink and talking business. She turns back to Lamar her questions remembered.

Larissa tucks the charter away securely. Untroubled by the noise or commotion. She swirls her drink and leans back in her chair.

PsZusk and Crazelle approach the Keep, having successfully escorted the Hubbubs Kobolds out of the valley. Flickers of light reflect off mirrors from the Keep. They are answered by similar signals from each of the Towers. One flash, pause, two flashes, pause and one flash again. The doors to the Palisade open. A column of riders approach riding hard. They split one heading north along the Hell’s Throat Trail, the other turns south down the Old Has Road. As they nearly ride the travelers down, PsZusk picks up a thought from the Captain. “All this for one escaped prisoner, bah, a needle in a haystack if he made it out of the keep.”

Seiler is concluding his meeting, when guards burst into the Carpenters’ place of business. Takane gives a startled yelp stepping back. “How dare you enter my home and business?! We have done nothing wrong!”

Seiler has spent his week looking for a business to invest in. His search has led him to the Carpenters’ shop owned my Madam Takane Amora. The sergeant splits his men pointing upstairs and then to search the cabinet displays. He looks longingly at the Dragonborn woman, and says, ‘Sorry, ma’am, I have my orders. If you will allow us a quick search we will be on our way. I will post a guard outside the door. This is so that no one may enter, until this matter is resolved. Forgive the intrusion, Baronette Fibiden , but these orders come from my Captain, and carry the weight of the Magister with them. May Bahamut guide him well.’ The sergeant bows to Seiler before moving on to help search.

  • Vyhev questions Lamar and then searches the Inn meeting two prostitutes employed by the Tavern
  • Pus slips out a window and up onto the roof where he is nearly caught lowering the minotaur to the shed by Larissa but manages to hide in the shadow of the roof
  • Seiler concludes some business with Takane and Nepra and then joins the hunt
  • Zusk (formerly known as Pszusk) and Crazelle convince the guards to lower a basket and let them into the keep
  • Shathen, folks call me Shast, a gate guard plays cards with Crazelle and Zusk
  • Crazelle uses her familiar and Zusk uses his psionics to cheat.
  • Both notice something odd about the deck of cards the guards play with but aren’t strong enough in Arcana to solve the riddle
  • The game comes to abrupt end when Zusk mentions his noble birth, and bets more than a years salary for the guard on a single hand
  • Meanwhile, Larissa can’t shake the feeling that the shadows looked wrong, she heads outside and looks for a way onto the roof, once there she discovers muddy boot prints that match her own leading off the roof and to the privies
  • She joins two guards trying to figure out the mystery of the broken privy bench when Vyhev and Seiler arrive. Vyhev notices the scratches of a creature passing and Seiler finds a dagger used as a handhold to get in. All of them smell the unmistakable order of Orc
  • An archer on the wall notices Pus and Raslon swimming for shore. A dangerous maneuver considering the proximity of the falls, and the injuries to the minotaur
  • Larissa manages to track for the party, Pus doesn’t take much care with his tracks. He is more concerned with keeping up speed with the injured demi-human. He does stay off the road and manages a head start
  • The party is ambushed by goblins further delaying them, Zusk senses something in the woods using the goblins as a test. Something Draconic by Zusk’s best guess
  • A copper ring with a draconic inscription is found near the bodies ‘In blood the Empire fell, In Blood Arkhosia Rises again’ some of the party realizes this has to do with the newer Dragonborn empire near Kaleland and not Frick’s Empire
  • Pus arrives before the others at the Centaur’s body. He and Raslon are attacked by a short-tailed Gar while investigating the corpse.
  • The others arrive finding the Gar feasting on the centaur and Pus and Raslon dying at its feet.
  • Crazelle’s familiar saves Raslon and receives a toss for its troubles, Seiler manages to rouse Pus with some inspiring words
  • Vyhev kills the Gar and in a fit of desperation Seiler uses his shield to finish off the Bloodflies
  • Vyhev‘s sword takes on a sickly green glow as the matching light fades from the Gar’s eyes
  • The party negotiates amongst itself and reaches a comprise to return the body to the keep
  • Once back the party creates a ruckus and has the Magister summoned to render judgment, the verdict is innocent. Raslon receives 20 sp and his freedom as apology for the misunderstanding
  • He thanks the party and swears if there is ever anything he can do to repay their kindness they need only ask (Party favor story award)
  • Pus’s actions have drawn the ire of the Magister and the guards, but in the end things are settled
  • Larissa files the party charter under a name suggested by Seiler
Week 1 Local Lord Liberation

Week 1 – Octus 21 to 30 1337 Fifth Age


You arrive at the Keep alone having braved the wilds. The gate guards pass your name along to their betters, identifying you as foolish or fearless.

Either way the notice garners you a free meal at a minor nobles table. It seems Count Benwick of Clan Dzur has need of the foolish and fearless. He proposes you help him deal with a nearby rival, Baron Ronnick of House Lyorn. Benwick’s spy has been taken hostage and the ransom is more then he is looking to pay.

He offers no monetary gains but his influence in the lower bailey and Quarry Town is well known. Especially, his favor with the Clerics of Bahamut and their healing magics. He tells you to ask about and verify his reputation if you feel it is necessary. He also hints that Baron Ronnick’s men are known to be well funded, and no one important would miss their possessions.

Ridding the world of one noble’s flock would secure you a patron and a Writ of Charter, and if the noble tries to back out of the deal there is always blackmail.

Summary of Events
  • The party is off to an odd start when Crazelle and Pus show their table manners to the Count, Stosh and Balan Kasar; Vyhev and Larissa save the day with some quick talking
  • Pus leads the party onto the Shelf and uses his house casing skills to locate the Shack where Gordy, the draegarian spy is being held
  • Crazelle manages to talk the kobolds into surrendering after half their numbers are dead, she further honors the Chief of the Hubbubs by giving him more shinies then the others to escort them to the keep
  • Stosh, the friar, and Vyhev build a litter and care for the badly beaten and sickly Gordy
  • With time running out for Gordy, the party bands together and manages to keep their tempers when bored gate guards abuse their small authority
  • PsZusk and Crazelle escort the kobolds out of the valley ensuring their safety (Gian had PC problems and Art needed to leave early)
  • Left alone Larissa, Vyhev and Pus speak with a minotaur named Raslon Meirodin being subjected to the pillory, thru some careful discussion they reason he is being falsely accused
  • Vyhev decides to deal with the temple directly and attempts to negotiate with a Tower Captain for a pass into the upper keep
  • Pus has other plans though and rescues the prisoner sneaking him into the Broken Hilt Tavern and his room
  • Larissa looking lovely stands in the rain and unwittingly helps Pus in his task, she receives an Adventure Company Charter, signed by the Magister and awaiting a company name and party members.

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