Week 38 - Ogre Mage on a Rampage and Porridge a Dish Best Served Cold

Week 38 Quatrus 11 1338 5A part III

Savarics and Rhyssa escape, but their victory is only momentarily satisfying as Sav is killed. The orcs begin to roast him while Rhyssa bleeds out.

Meanwhile, Grin leads a Troll on a madcap run thru the tomb. He eventually ducks into the main burial chamber and convinces a troll to open the sarcophagus. The poor troll triggers the flooding room trap and watches the smiling gnome wave at it, as the doors slam shut sealing it inside. Grin walks up the hall whistling a merry tune.

The party makes a circuit of the now empty tomb and regroup in time to see a purple cloud gathering above some ruins at the base of the hill. The party rescues Rhyssa in the “nick” of time. Pushing on despite their depleted resources. They quickly interrupt the ritual near its end and stop Osaki from sending the Wand of the Nine Hells and the Orb of Arkhosia to Baron Ronnick via the Twilight Paths. Grin uses his pact blade and his own magic to change the Spell Plague Blue Fire rune into a “Good Porridge”. The ritual is disrupted and Bel and Grin kill off the Oni Mage (Ogre Mage for those not up on 4E’isms).

Grin claims the wand and Rhyssa takes possession of the Orb. The party can not locate Vyhev’s body but do find six dead dwarven miners. Those that survived the Caves of Little Hope and retired to the Hammeredgate recognize them as the Axebolt clan that asked to be escorted to their “mine” in the Plaguelands.

The party returns to Frandor’s Keep with Savarics burnt and maimed corpse. They are in for a shock when they arrive however. More on that tomorrow.



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