Week 17 Deathgate Falls

The party finally arrived at Deathgate Falls.

  • Belder spoke to a Draccorrin Elder that called himself Old Man.
  • The Old Man had spent the last 60 years coaxing a Moonrose into becoming a Fireblossom
  • How he achieved this feat is a bit of a mystery but seemed to include speaking Pus’s language
  • The halfling cultists are industriously repairing the curtain wall, carving three figures into the cliff side of Gray Mountain and expanding their temple inside the mountain.
  • The Eldest the head of the cult and anything but an old halfling approached the party inquiring to their purpose
  • Gordy took two thousand silver out of the chest found in Otero’s coach to pay for Otero and Larissa to be resurrected. This left 4000 sp in the chest
  • Pus explored the chapel under the pretense of needing to pray and watched The Eldest dump the silver into a fire, it seems the cultists to not real care for money
  • Exploring the rectory Pus found a modest office with a book case of books being written, a few cheap statues and a pair of large granite statues of bats
  • Larissa returned her percentile res roll coming up 22
  • The Eldest delivered bad news regarding Otero he rolled a 46 and was resurrected as a revenant/halfling cleric. The Eldest considered it to be a great honor but Belder thought it was crap but would say no more
  • The party called for the Eladrin to be raised but when she was unwrapped the party was informed she could not be raised since she was an infected Spellscarred
  • Chorro noted that this Eladrin’s Tricolored Iris was yellow, orange and red in one eye and blue in the other
  • Chorro spent sometime in the gardens
  • The party decided to leave Dark Skull alone for the moment and return to the keep
  • On the way there they crossed paths with a pair of elves out for a hunt
  • The elves were armed with bows and long knives and immediately attacked when Belder drew his Bastard sword
  • Belder tried to pantomime his not wanting to fight by flailing his shield and sword around in front of them
  • Gordy the only elven speaker seemed tongue tied and Pus used this moment to slip up behind one elf and sever his spine, Pus’s blade became coated in elvish blood
  • The other elf backed away and put an arrow in Pus’s thigh
  • Larissa stepped in and hewed down the elf
  • Harsh words were exchanged as Chorro tried to honor the dead and prevented Gordy and Larissa from plundering the bodies
  • Pus decided the threat of steel might settle the debate with the shifter but found his oversight on not cleaning his blade before sheathing it slowed his draw. Rather than fight it free he stormed his way the last two miles to the keep
  • The others slowly followed suit leaving Larissa and Chorro to drag the bodies off the road
  • Chorro wandered the woods contemplating the violence rampant in his tribe and this pile of stone in the middle of a river
  • Meanwhile, Gordy and Pus decided to travel to the Yew Woods in elven lands and picked up an escort job to do that and earn some coin besides



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