Week 11 - Back at the Keep

Week 11 Primus 19 1338 5A

The party found a dead body belonging to the Hammered Crown Consortium (a merchant coster with ties to the Fell Court). Party is ambushed by Rikar, Orcs and supervised by the Yuan ti wizard.

Primus 21 1338 5A

Crazelle folds up her business and leaves town.

Primus 22 1338 5A

Hill giant attacks two dwarves on Hell’s Throat Trail. Dwarves fear returning to their mine. Offer 500 sp reward.

Primus 24 1338 5A

Thundertop Boys stumble across Lom Amora’s body while hunting the hill giant.

Primus 26 1338 5A

Seiler insults Count Benwick and Grin ghost sounds flatulence. Dasas orders a ritual from P’bapar to identify who touched the weapon used to kill Lom.

Primus 27 1338 5A

Stosh tells the party about Grond killing Lakar a few weeks back. Discussion of Pus‘s sword.
Lom Amora’s Wake



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