Week 10 - Beneath Twilight Boughs

Week 10 – Primus 7 1338 5A

The Party investigates a temple of Moradin, Vyhev frees a ghostly dwarven cleric from his duties and takes over possession of a scroll. The scroll is later opened and is revealed to be a document holding information on the artifact known as the Staff of Law

Primus 8 1338 5A

The Party backtracks to the Werewoods and meets Sierra a shifter. Pus convinces the party to aid the shifters by killing off the orcs. Pus asks the Shifters to continue hunting orcs in the woods.

Primus 9 1338 5A

The party stops the Orcs from defiling the Twilight Boughs, and Grin recovers Tome of Twilight Paths.

Primus 10 1338 5A

Party returns from the Feywild via the Spiderhaunt Woods

Primus 12 1338 5A

A cloud of smoke rises east along the road on your second day back. Later that same day a caravan pulls onto the landing. It seems, Rikar’s Ravens hit the caravan Seiler‘s father was traveling with on his way to the Keep. The Baron of Fibiden’s additional guards won the day, but many were slain on both sides. The Ravens drew back into the mountains North of the road. The Baron spent many hours sequestered with the Keep Prefect and the Grand Duke before joining his son and daughter for a late supper.



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