KO Week 5 - Oct 1 Fester the Fair or the Crazy Elf only time will tell!

Week 5 – Novus 24 to 30 1337 5A

Crazelle is beset by the rescued prostitutes. Pus journeys into the wilderness alone and accidentally discovers Lom Amora‘s body in his near death escape from goblins. Crazelle meets with Chief of the Hubbubs and works out a deal for a business, a massage parlor. Pus spends a day in Stosh’s Infirmary being stitched up. He spends the day swapping words about the incident with the still recovering Gordy. A group of Ravens’ ambush the party on their way to Vespin tower.The party assaults Vespin tower and slaughters the goblins there. They find a brass signal mirror with blood on it at the base of the tower. Pus shows the body of Lom to the party. The party leaves it fearing Seiler’s interactions with Takane may end up with him accused of the murder. Seiler, Larissa and Savarics handle the pick-axe and presumed murder weapon.



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